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Use Your Voice…

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Three years ago I quoted from the “The Economist” January 17-23rd, 2009 edition that talked about Barack Obama who “put together a team which has impressed almost everyone with its caliber and its centrism.” It went on to say that “Barack is determined to surround himself with the brightest and best” which, in my opinion, is the essence of a great leader. I remember writing about the hope that he gave us and we knew he would be faced with doing unpleasant things. However, the main point in the article said, “He is a respectful and thoughtful man who values “soft power.” I define soft power as caring and compassion for others…but at what cost? I, like others, believed because we wanted to believe in the hope and promise that things would change. In actuality, we are more divided now than we have ever been. Our economy is recovering too slowly. Our wealth has either eroded or diminished. We need new leadership because it all starts there. Be sure to vote on Election Day! We do have a voice!