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As We Approach 2011…Resolve to Appreciate Yourself

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

With the 2011 just around the corner, many of us are focused on our setting our goals, intentions, and resolutions. While this is a wonderful and exciting aspect of every New Year, one of the most important things we can focus on this new year is appreciating ourselves – first!

If you’re anything like me and most of the people I know and work with, you probably have a tendency to be hard on yourself, or at least to think you have to achieve your goals or do something “good” in order to pat yourself on the back and appreciate yourself. What if we started with self appreciation, instead of waiting until we think we deserved it or had time to do it?

What we’re really after is a sense of satisfaction, fulfillment, and, most importantly, self appreciation. We think that if we achieve our goals, we’ll be happy and feel good about ourselves. However, as you may have noticed throughout your life – not only is this not true, it creates a great deal of stress for us in the process.

Without appreciating ourselves our goals are meaningless. By taking the time to appreciate ourselves, three incredible things happen. First of all, we put ourselves in the best possible position for the fulfillment of our goals. Second, we give ourselves first what we’re going after ultimately – a positive sense of who we are and what’s valuable about us, right now. And third, we make ourselves available in a genuine way to be there for others and appreciate the people around us.

Take care of yourself and appreciate who you are as we move into 2011.