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The Right Course of Action…

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Any obstacles to knowing the right course of action are within each of us, and so is the right course. Sometimes it seems as though a decision truly hangs in the balance, with such equal values on both sides. “I was so close to saying no – or yes –.” We hold our thumb and forefinger a few microns apart. That close may not be close at all; we knew all along what was appropriate. If we let ourselves be still and listen to our private inner voice, we usually know what’s right for us to do. If we find ourselves faced with a lot of decisions that seem so close apart, maybe we are not acting according to our ideas of what’s right. It might be time to reappraise our values. If we believe one way and act another, it might be time to change either our behavior or our belief. I would rather change my behavior, what about you?