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Developing Self (1/23/08)

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

Develop Self to better understand how we can create the life that we most desire. One of the keys to a better Self is understanding your emotions (fear, anger, sadness, guilt, rage, shame). When you feel an emotion, reflect to see where it is coming from. People can only evoke reactions in us if we choose to let them. By reflecting and going back in time to when you first remember a similar word, situation, person, or incident, you can work through the original incident by replacing those memories with what should have been to make you feel okay. By replacing negative messages with positive ones, we overcome negative programming and become more in harmony with our relationships and our environment. As you begin to understand yourself more and more, you will respond positively to more and more situations and relationships with understanding and compassion.

Be a Team Player

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

The advantages of forming teams are better work processes and outcomes, better decisions, and the awareness of the most important issues so that you can reach consensus.
According to Kate Lorenz, Career Builder, “No one feels comfortable around a prima donna. And organizations have ways of dealing with employees who subvert the team. Just ask Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver Terrell Owens, who was suspended for the 2005 season after repeatedly clashing and taking public shots at his teammates and management. Show you’re a team player by making your boss look like a star and demonstrating that you’ve got the greater good of the organization at heart.”