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“Focus on the Good Stuff” (11/18/07)

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

One of the most inspirational coaches today is Mike Robbins who lectures on personal growth, happiness and fulfillment. He wrote his first book, “Focus on the Good Stuff.” He states that we all have our doubts, fears, frustrations, anger. Acknowledge them. Then, make a list of what you want because our thoughts become things and we can choose our thoughts. Robbins says, “appreciating yourself, others, and life is the most important thing you can do to transform your life, improve your relationships and create the life you want.” I found his message similar to what I want others to know. It’s like ridding the negativity and stuff in your Toy Box, your Shadow, so that you will be able to respond to life rather than react to life, including creating the balanced life that you want.

By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) November 4, 2007

Sunday, November 4th, 2007

Author Jane Treber Macken draws upon her years of experience managing, supervising, and teaching in The Art of Managing: How to Build a Better Workplace and Relationships, a guide to managing and motivating individuals. Offering an overview of the history of management theory, recommendations for cultivating the positive characteristics of successful managers, motivate others, form and manage successful teams, and much more, The Art of Managing is up-close and personal in the delivery of its message. “We judge others by their behavior, but we judge ourselves by our intentions. To close the gap, we must be open to change and suggestions.” Highly recommended.