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Review by Wayne Hurlbert for Blog Business World (8/07)

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

“The Art of Managing: How to Build a Better Workplace and Relationships” provides practical frameworks for combining managerial theory with psychological insights, to build a better workplace, and for improved relationships both on and off the job. Jane Macken identifies three common characteristics shared by effective and successful leaders. They include:
1. Caring and compassion for other people, including strong feelings of empathy and understanding of feelings.
2. A willingness to serve others and the community and to be a positive role model for other people to emulate.
3. A desire for self development through lifelong learning, exercise, proper nutrition, and meditation and relaxation.
The author combines these traits with other psychological skills, for motivation and conflict resolution, with managerial theory to develop a powerful guide to management. The resulting book creates a series of step by step techniques and tests for becoming a more effective manager. For the author, the most important elements of the managerial process is developing good relationships with others; and with yourself. Without self understanding, it is much more difficult to lead and motivate others, and to create a balanced workplace.
For me, the power of the book is twofold. One aspect is how the first half of the book develops the managerial concepts in combination with the psychological aspects of interpersonal relationships. The second half of the book uses effectively these theoretical ideas and places them in a useful program of action for improving as a manager and leader of people. The many types of managerial styles and employee traits are examined and placed in grids for ease of understanding and application to real life situations. The strength of the book is in its ease of usability.
I recommend The Art of Managing: How to Build a Better Workplace and Relationships by Jane Treber Macken as a practical hands-on guide to developing better relationships at work and in your personal life. The step by step approach will help you become a better manager of people in your workplace and of your private life at home.

Diversity in the Workplace

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

America, founded by immigrants, is a nation of many cultures. Many immigrants today face the same obstacles as their predecessors. The important issue today for management is how to maximize and capitalize on workplace diversity. Diversity in the workplace is about understanding each other and moving beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating each person’s uniqueness. I look at diversity as peeling an onion. The outer layer can be multiple colors, shapes, sizes, but inside, most are the same…just like people. The goal to managing diversity is to develop and expand our capacity to accept, acknowledge, incorporate value, empower, and celebrate the different human talents among people whether they work in a large corporation or a small business because people are still the most important asset in a successful business.